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In California, the state differentiates between two major kinds of domestic crime for which you need a domestic violence lawyer. Penal Code 273.5 defines the first involves physical harm, and relates to physical injuries, and is defined in Penal Code 273.5. In contrast, the second is much more common and only requires “unlawful touching” or “violence”, even without harm, which the state names “domestic battery”. The Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman can aid your domestic violence defense for either charge in Orange County, CA. While we do this, we’ll keep your domestic violence lawyer cost low. Keep reading below for an answer to the question, “where can I find a skilled domestic violence attorney near me?”

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Domestic Violence Defense

Penal Code 243(e)(1) articulates the state’s standard for domestic battery in Orange County, CA. As stated, it has several components, which inform the nature of your attorney’s domestic violence defense. The first component is simply that the accused made willful, unwanted, and harmful contact with an eligible class. As your domestic violence lawyer can tell you, these classes include:

  • Spouse
  • Live-in partner
  • Fiancé(e)
  • Dating partner
  • Co-parent

For each of these classes, they don’t need to be current relationships. That is to say, a former spouse or dating partner may accuse you of domestic battery after the relationship has ended. Because of this, you need help from a competent domestic violence lawyer. Otherwise, the state may run roughshod over you without much evidence. Nevertheless, this process may take some time, so you should ensure that you find an attorney who will minimize your domestic violence lawyer cost. Lisa A. Kopelman never compromises on quality, but always strives to provide an affordable service.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Cost

As mentioned above, you should seek an attorney who will keep your domestic violence lawyer cost low. There are two main reasons:

  • Time Constraints – There are several crimes for which you may consider pleading guilty for the sake of expediency. Any quality domestic violence lawyer worth their degree will tell you that domestic battery is not one of them. A guilty plea can cause you problems in the future, even if the alleged victim promises to move past the situation and make amends after the sentence. This consideration is doubly important if you have children with the accuser, as a domestic violence conviction will come up during custody arrangements. Therefore, you may need legal representation for several months depending on the time it takes for the case to come to trial.
  • Financial Pressure – When you find a domestic violence attorney near me, you should still be aware that you may lose the case if it goes to trial. Even the best domestic violence defense is at the mercy of the jury and sentencing judge, and a conviction may carry fines measured in thousands of dollars. This is not an expense that most people can easily afford after arraignment and legal defense. Because of this, you should be certain that you’re paying the right price for a domestic violence lawyer.
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Domestic Violence Attorney Near Me

Once you receive notice that you’ve been accused of domestic battery or a related crime in Orange County, CA, you must act immediately. Take the time to seek a domestic violence attorney near me with experience. At the Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman, we’ll represent your interests to the best of our ability without taking advantage of your wallet. Due to Lisa’s nearly 30 years of experience working as a public defender, she understands California’s legal system well. Because of what she’s seen, Attorney Kopelman is a domestic violence lawyer who strives to counter the overwhelming weight of the state’s legal power. When you need help, she’s there to advocate for your rights.

If you are instead in need of an expert on victim rights and other related legalities, See our Victim Rights Lawyer Orange County, CA page here.

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