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In Fullerton, CA, facing criminal charges can disrupt your life. The Law Office of Lisa Kopelman is here to help you navigate through these turbulent times with professional legal defense. With a track record of over 30 years, our criminal defense law firm handles a broad spectrum of criminal law areas, including sex crimes, domestic violence, and marijuana laws, ensuring your rights are aggressively defended.


We Offer Tailored Legal Solutions for Diverse Needs

Our services are designed to address the full range of criminal charges, from allegations of violent crimes to advocacy for victims’ rights. We are also experienced in providing reentry assistance, mental health advocacy, and guidance through the intricacies of marijuana legislation. Whether you’re searching for a violent crimes lawyer, a domestic violence attorney, or a mental health attorney, our commitment is to offer vigorous, thoughtful representation for every client.

Defend Your Rights With a Trusted Partner

Fullerton, CA’s legal system demands a seasoned criminal defense law firm that understands both the local landscape and the complexities of your case. Lisa Kopelman’s career is built on a foundation of fighting against the power of the government on behalf of her clients.
Our goal is to protect your freedom and reputation, leveraging our deep legal expertise to secure the most favorable outcome for your situation. Reach out to us at (949) 354-3452 for a comprehensive consultation, and take the decisive step towards defending your rights and reclaiming your future.


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