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Attorney Kopelman is an experienced criminal defense lawyer whose excellence has been praised by clients and legal community peers. In this sensitive practice area, Attorney Kopelman’s nuanced approach, together with her experience and technical knowledge, have turned her into a leading criminal defense lawyer, widely recognized across Riverside County. She has successfully represented a number of clients who have been wrongfully accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex crime, and more, providing realistic and effective solutions for over 30 years.
Kopelman’s deep understanding of Riverside County law is unrivaled, and her sector-specific knowledge has allowed her to develop highly accurate and pragmatic strategies to strongly represent her clients.


Ms. Kopelman is a Seasoned Sex Crime Defense Attorney

With over 30 years of experience in the area, Attorney Kopelman’s commitment to the first and foremost principle of our legal system remains unchanged: the presumption of innocence. Being charged with a sex crime can have severe, sometimes permanent consequences in the life of a person. At this Law Office, we firmly believe in due process and innocence presumption above all. Attorney Kopelman will not see her clients fired from their jobs, rejected by their families and friends, or casted out from society, because of a false accusation.

You deserve a chance to defend yourself, it is your right, and Attorney Kopelman is the superior choice to provide you with legal counsel and representation.

Serious Charges Require Serious Representation

Attorney Kopelman’s experience is vast, and she can help you if you are facing assault charges, DUI/DWI charges, or violent crime charges. She is ready to bring her wealth of experience to the table to carefully and expertly assess your situation and craft a personalized strategy that will provide the best possible outcome. Her counsel and representation services will allow you to confidently deal with the wrongful charges you are facing. Don’t delay this any longer, get in touch with Attorney Kopelman today to arrange a free consultation.


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