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Attorney Kopelman is a domestic violence lawyer who strives to counter the overwhelming weight of the state’s legal power.

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In California, all assaults and batteries are unlawful. However, when the victim is a member of your family you can be prosecuted under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. Domestic violence is prosecuted criminally under various sections found in the Penal Code that are covered by the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. Any act of physical or sexual force or threats against a person covered under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act can be charged as an act of domestic violence. Get in touch with The Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman if you need defense from a domestic violence lawyer in Orange County, CA for your charge.


When You Need Domestic Violence Defense

Any assault or battery, including assault with a deadly weapon, against one of the following, is considered domestic violence in California:

  • Spouse
  • Live-in partner
  • Fiancé(e)
  • Dating partner
  • Co-parent

A former spouse or dating partner may accuse you of domestic battery despite the relationship having ended. Child Abuse and elder abuse may also be treated as crimes of domestic violence. Because of this, you need help from an experienced domestic violence lawyer. Otherwise, the state can run roughshod over you. Lisa A. Kopelman has the talent and experience required to provide defense against allegations of domestic violence.

Why Work with Us for Your Domestic Violence Charge?

Ms. Kopelman’s years of experience have demonstrated to her that at times the parties to a divorce proceeding or a custody battle, want to seek advantage or revenge by making false allegations of domestic violence. Criminal defense attorney Kopelman is prepared to counter such attacks with thorough investigation and legal strategy.
Once you learn that you’ve been accused of domestic battery or a related crime in Orange County, CA, you must act immediately. Take the time to seek a domestic violence lawyer near you with experience. At the Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman, we will represent your interests with skill and commitment. Due to Lisa’s nearly 30 years of experience working as a public defender, she understands California’s legal system well. When you need help, Attorney Koppelman is there to advocate for your rights.
If you are instead in need of an expert on victim rights and other related issues, See our Victim Rights Lawyer Orange County, CA page here.

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